STREAM and PREORDER *Calligrams* -4 way split with Ghost of Chance, Spectral Fangs and Terrible Roars-

Calligrams is an unorthodox four-way split album that takes a small snapshot of the happenings in the Connecticut indie music scene, its basements and its bedrooms. While the project features a broad array of sounds and styles, the entire record delivers a 60s via the 90s nostalgic flavor. The split has eight tracks total, two from each of the participating bands. On March 4, 2016, Calligrams became available for streaming through its own bandcamp page. 12-inch vinyl with a free digital download are also available for pre-order. The bands are releasing it in conjunction with Obscure Me Records. Calligrams is a most glorified playlist; better yet, it’s the apotheosis of a playlist.


In alphabetical order, the Willimantic-based Dr. Martino is a high energy, garage rock trio influenced by 60s pop and surf music. Next comes Ghost of Chance, who is a post-garage rock band based somewhere in a dark room around New Haven. Hailing from Danbury, scene vet Spectral Fangs floats tight melodies high above a coalescence of ’60s soul, ’70s punk, irreverent ’90s rock and indie pop. And last but not least, Terrible Roars is the continuing misadventures of neurotic CT-native minstrel Ross Page and his team of friendly twenty-somethings.

Dr. Martino’s Top 10 of 2015

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