Monthly Archives: March 2015

House show at Casa de Carrot!

What is a “Casa de Carrot,” you may ask? It’s a house, a house where we’ll be playing a¬†show! Some call that a house show! It’s happening in New Haven this THURSDAY EVENING, 3/12, at 7 PM. We’re playing with some great bands, too. Listen to some of their tunes below and get pumped. Little Demon On The Back Seat… Read more →

SPECTRAL FANGS.gif for your enjoyment!

We had a gathering out at our house in Willimantic for Amy’s birthday and invited some of our favorite musicians and friends over for some food and a casual jam. The end result was epic as Spectral Fangs, So Sorry, Terrible Roars, and Orders all played sets! Who would of thunk it!? We were busy making chicken pinwheels, veggie burgers, and roasted potatoes but I managed to get enough of Spectral Fangs to make this .gif!


Check out their music here: SPECTRAL FANGS – Memory Girl EP

We were truly honored to hear all these musicians play in our home!