Monthly Archives: November 2014

Our last show of the year, and 2014 has been awesome to us!

We are pleased to announce that on December 14th, we will be playing our last show of the year with Semicircle and Shampoo! The show will be at The Outerspace / The Ballroom and is being put on by CT’s finest production company, Manic Productions! We’ve done over 25 gigs this year, which is so nuts cause we only started playing in and around CT last February. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of taking the stage at local festivals such as UCONN’s Spring Weekend, Willimantic’s Third Thursday Street Festival and the New England Jam Chowda. This show is the capstone of our work this year, and we hope to see all y’all out there!


Semicircle and Shampoo are both from the great state of Georgia, and from the great southern city of Atlanta. Semicircle is a project containing members of the established indie-pop group Reptar! Semicircle has a full length, Mechanism of Erasure, forthcoming! Shampoo has recently put out a demo of synth pop melody; the track, “High School” is our current recommend. Check their bandcamps, below!

In addition, you can buy tickets through Manic Productions, below! (And check out Manic Productions’ “Winter Pass” while you’re at it). It’s only $8 and we would deeply appreciate it if you bought one, so click the fucking link and buy! 😉






Finally, we will be back early next year with more shows, but first, we have a couple really exciting recording projects in the works! All very secret stuff, but we will announce as soon as we can!

Mike, Amy and Sim